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About Quixotic

Andrew ParksAndrew Parks entered the world of game design in 2003 with the release of Ideology: The War of Ideas, and followed in 2004 with Camelot Legends. In 2005, Andrew and Jason Hawkins of Siren Bridge Publishing co-designed Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean, which won the Origins Board Game of the Year. That year, Andrew formed Quixotic Games, a game design studio devoted to creating innovative games for a variety of publishers.

The Quixotic design team consists of 16 core developers, as well as countless playtesters, who work on many game projects at the same time. Our games have been nominated for many industry awards and have earned distinction in game indexes such as Games Magazine's Games 100, Austria's Wiener Spiele Mischung Selektion, and the Dice Tower's Top 100 Games of All Time.

Throughout the past several years, Quixotic Games has become known for its devotion to theme in games, including licensed game properties such as Dungeons & Dragons, X-Men, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Justice League, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Frank Miller's 300.

The Quixotic
Development Team
Main Playtesters

Matthew Cattron
Bas Debbink
Doug Faust
Anni Foasberg
Michael Gradin
Christopher Guild
Norman Hill
Charles Kleinberg
Rob Lardiere
Gabrielle Moore
Manny O'Donnell
Christopher Parks
Sara Sterphone
Ada Terrizzi
Kyle Volker
Catherine Weresow

Stephen Buonocore
Coleman Charlton
Larry Chong
Michael Dalton
Geoff Engelstein
Alan Ernstein
Paul Gerardi
Jason O. Hawkins
Marc Houde
Michael Keller
Chad Mekash
Rob Mitchell
Julia Parks
Kathy Parks
Sarah Parks
Bill Reeves
Zev Shlasinger
Bridget Volker
Ali Yeyinmen
Karen Yeyinmen

Contact Us

Do you have a rules question or a comment about one of our games? Please feel free to send us an email or visit us on Facebook. If you are interested in having Quixotic create a game project for your company, please email us directly or call us at (908) 208-9959. Also, please feel free to download our Corporate Resume (PDF).

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