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The following games are in development by the Quixotic team.

Dungeon Alliance
Publisher: Quixotic Games / Kickstarter Campaign: February 2017

Dungeon Alliance

Dungeon Alliance

In the days before the Void consumed much of the Old World, there were stalwart humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes who banded together to invade the deep places of the earth. These heroes forged unbreakable alliances in search of knowledge, treasure, and glory. Rival adventuring parties would often descend into the same dungeon, and these companies fought one another as fiercely as they battled the monsters that lurked behind every dark corner.

These were daring times, when nothing in the world was considered more sacred than the oath that bound those who shared the dangers of the pit together. This was the age of the Dungeon Alliance.

Dungeon Alliance is a deck-building, dungeon-crawling miniatures adventure game that allows players to send 1 - 4 different teams of adventurers into perilous dungeons in search of experience and treasure. At the start of the game, each player drafts his or her own team of four heroes and uses tactical movement and cardplay to overcome the dungeon's monsters and acquire treasures. Rival teams may compete with one another to slay monsters, or even battle one another for complete domination. When the sun greets those who emerge from the pit, only one Dungeon Alliance will prove victorious!

Please email us and we will notify you as soon as the campaign goes live

Assault of the Giants
Publisher: WizKids / Release: Spring 2017

Assault of the Giants

Assault of the Giants is a new Dungeons & Dragons board game designed by Andrew Parks. Designed for 3 - 6 players, Assault of the Giants challenges players to command one of the six types of giants (Hill Giants, Stone Giants, Frost Giants, Fire Giants, Cloud Giants, and Storm Giants) and claim the right to rule over all giantkind.

Command giants and assault settlements to score points and secure important resources, including food, artifacts, ore, and runes. Contents include 12 Giants miniatures and 3 Giantslayer miniatures. Assault of the Giants is scheduled to release in Spring 2017.

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