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Hogwarts: House Cup Challenge

Welcome to the Quixotic Games support page for Hogwarts: House Cup Challenge, the new Adventure Board Game released by NECA. As the designers of the game, the Quixotic team is happy to answer your rules questions and respond to comments about the game here on our website.

About the Game

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Hogwarts allows 2 - 4 players to portray Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville during their quest to win the House Cup for Gryffindor! Throughout the game, players move their characters around the board encountering Adventure Cards and increasing their Knowledge, Skill, and Honor. As the characters' abilities grow, they will face harder challenges based on the Harry Potter films, from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Players who complete difficult adventures earn Victory Points for themselves and for Gryffindor. When Gryffindor reaches 500 points, the player with the most points wins the game!

Hogwarts features 100 unique Adventure Cards featuring images from throughout the Harry Potter films. The game also includes an enormous, collectible game board representing Hogwarts and the surrounding grounds (see larger version). Players move their Characters up to 3 spaces around this game board each turn (without rolling dice), and play Adventure Cards from their hands onto the different spaces on the board.

Hogwarts gives control of the game's progress to the players. There are no dice in the game, so you can freely move throughout the game world and complete the Adventure Cards in your hand when you are ready to face them. Of course, your opponents can force you to confront certain tasks before you're ready, and will try to race ahead of you to reach certain Adventure Cards placed directly on the board from the Adventure Deck each turn. You must therefore balance your own carefully laid plans with the need to overcome the challenges put forward by your opponents.

Rules Questions

If you have questions about the rules for Hogwarts, please feel free to email us, or visit us on Facebook. As we receive rules questions from players, we will add them to the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the game (see below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are aware of an issue with the Rulebook in the 2nd Printing of Hogwarts: House Cup Challenge. You can download the complete Rulebook in PDF format by clicking here.


Here are a few questions that we have received from players of Hogwarts: House Cup Challenge:

1. My copy of Hogwarts does not include a complete rulebook (some of the pages are blank). What should I do?

The latest printing of Hogwarts included this error on some copies of the game. You can download the complete Rulebook in PDF format by clicking here.

2. What defines a "space" on the game board? How are the spaces connected to each other?

When you are inside the Castle, each named room is a different space. So the "Corridors" is one space, the "Classrooms" is one space, etc. You can move from room to room inside the Castle as long as there is a doorway connecting the two rooms. For example, when starting from the Great Hall, you could move 3 spaces to end up in the Corridors (from the Great Hall to the Entrance Hall, then to the Classrooms, then to the Corridors).

When you are outside the Castle, each large black-bordered area (with or without a name) is a space. All of the spaces outside the Castle are connected to each other, and you can move freely from space to space. For example, moving from the Quidditch Pitch to Hagrid's Hut is moving one space. Moving from Hagrid's Hut to the Whomping Willow is moving two spaces. The Forbidden Forest consists of three separate spaces.

To move into (or out of) the Castle, you need to walk through one of the three doorways that leads out of the Castle. These doorways are in the Entrance Hall, the Courtyard, and the Corridors.

3. Is the Courtyard considered part of the Castle?

Yes, the Courtyard space is considered part of the Castle.

4. Is there a large grounds space beneath the Great Hall, Dungeon, and Room of Requirement?

No, the large coastal area beneath the Great Hall, Dungeon, and Room of Requirement is not actually a space that players are allowed to enter.

5. In the "Full Rules", do players still take their own individual turns like they did during the "First Play Rules"?

No. During the "Full Rules," the players participate together during every step of the Game Round (see page 4 of the rules for more details).

6. Do you have to discard your Ability Tokens to complete an Adventure Card?

No, you never discard your Ability Tokens to complete an Adventure Card. For example, if an Adventure Card specifies that you need a "6 Knowledge" to complete it, then you must simply possess 6 Knowledge Tokens. You do not have to "pay" 6 Knowledge Tokens to complete that Adventure.

7. Some rare cards such as the Mountain Troll and Fluffy remain in the Corridors until someone successfully defeats them. What happens to players who are "stuck" in the Library or Gryffindor Tower when this happens?

These players have several options. First, if it looks like another player is coming to complete those cards soon, the stuck player can spend an Action or two drawing or playing Adventure Cards. If, however, the player does not wish to wait, they simply need to move out and be defeated by the Adventure Card, in which case they are sent to the Hospital Wing (as stated on those cards) and can move out from there on their next Action.

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