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Welcome to the official page for Dungeon Alliance, the deck-building, dungeon-crawling miniatures adventure game!

About the Game

Dungeon Alliance

In the days before the Void consumed much of the Old World, there were stalwart humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes who banded together to invade the deep places of the earth. These heroes forged unbreakable alliances in search of knowledge, treasure, and glory. Rival adventuring parties would often descend into the same dungeon, and these companies fought one another as fiercely as they battled the monsters that lurked behind every dark corner.

These were daring times, when nothing in the world was considered more sacred than the oath that bound those who shared the dangers of the pit together. This was the age of the Dungeon Alliance.

Dungeon Alliance is a deck-building, dungeon-crawling miniatures adventure game that allows players to send 1 - 4 different teams of adventurers into perilous dungeons in search of experience and treasure. At the start of the game, each player drafts his or her own team of four heroes and uses tactical movement and cardplay to overcome the dungeon's monsters and acquire treasures. Rival teams may compete with one another to slay monsters, or even battle one another for complete domination. When the sun greets those who emerge from the pit, only one Dungeon Alliance will prove victorious!

Form Your Alliance

At the start of the game, each player drafts his or her own alliance of four heroes. This allows players to customize the type of team they'd like to play.

Alliance of 4 Heroes

You will receive the Hero Card, Hero Figure, and 3 unique Starting Deck Cards associated with each of your heroes. Together, all 12 of your Starting Deck Cards form the basis of your personal Alliance Deck. Because of this, each player begins with a completely different Alliance Deck at the start of the game.

McFarlin Card Set

Build Your Deck

As you defeat monsters and overcome challenges, you will earn Experience Point Tokens (XP). You can flip these XP Tokens face down to purchase Upgrade Cards for your Alliance Deck.

Upgrade Cards

Conquer the Dungeon!

During each cycle of the game round, you will activate one of your heroes to move and attack monsters on the dungeon map. You will then have the opportunity to spend XP to purchase new upgrade cards that will go directly into your hand.

After each of your opponents has moved a hero, you will each control one monster on the board to strike back at the heroes. The players control the monsters so that the monster attacks will be both strategic and meaningful.

Dungeon Tiles

There are four play cycles to each game round, after which the current round ends and the next round begins. At the end of the fourth game round, the alliance that has acquired the most XP Tokens wins!

Dungeon Alliance Rulebook

We have completed the final drafts of the Dungeon Alliance Rulebook and Rule Supplement. Click on the images below to download the PDF rulebook files.

Dungeon Alliance Rulebook

Dungeon Alliance Rules Supplement

Rules Questions

If you have questions about the rules for Dungeon Alliance, please feel free to email us, or visit us on Facebook. As we receive rules questions from players, we will add them to the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the game (see below).


Here are a few questions that we have received about Dungeon Alliance:

1. Has the Kickstarter for Dungeon Alliance ended?

Yes, the Kickstarter has ended. Please visit the official Dungeon Alliance Kickstarter page to review our successful campaign.

2. When will Dungeon Alliance be available in retail stores?

Dungeon Alliance should be available in retail stores in February 2018.

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