Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Card Game

The MayorWelcome to Halloweentown!

The residents of Halloweentown invite you to join them as they celebrate The Nightmare Before Christmas TCG!

Visit the areas of Halloweentown below to learn more about this exciting card game.

Jack Skellington

Jack's House

Rules & FAQ - The Pumpkin King is the undisputed master of Halloween lore! Here you can download a large, full-color version of the game's Rulebook in PDF format, and view the latest version of the FAQ.


Sally's Room

Cards & Spoilers - Sally keeps the threads of Halloweentown sewn together! Here you can download a Cardlist of the game's 299 cards (with links to images of all the cards), and a Spoiler List which contains the card text for all of the cards in the game.

Oogie Boogie

Oogie's Lair

Forums & Questions - The Boogie Man is always eager to welcome visitors to his lair for a little... chat. You can post Rules Questions and other comments about The Nightmare Before Christmas TCG in the game's official Haunted Forums, or send an email directly to the game designers.

Lock, Shock & Barrel

The Treehouse

Overview of Play - Lock, Shock, and Barrel love to show off how smart they think they are. Here they will guide you through an Overview of how to play The Nightmare Before Christmas TCG.

Dr. Finklestein

Finklestein's Lab

Decks & Strategies - Dr. Finklestein strives to perfect his countless creations! Here you can view Deck Designs and Strategy Articles constructed by the brainiest inventor of Halloweentown.

The Mayor


Retail Store Locator - The Mayor proclaims the news of Halloweentown far and wide! Here you can look for stores selling The Nightmare Before Christmas TCG through our Retail Store Locator.

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